All Saints Lutheran Preschool

Our preschool is currently closed due to COVID-19.

Growing Children in Christ’s Grace

Toddler Program: 3 months old – 2 years old
Preschool Program: 3 – 5 years old

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The philosophy of All Saints Lutheran Preschool is based on the premise that each child must be accepted as an individual. Learning opportunities must be derived from individual needs. As teachers individualize activities, they will also individualize expectancies. We believe that being valued as an individual nurtures self-esteem. The child who has a positive attitude toward his/her self, who believes in his/her capabilities, and who experiences a non-threatening environment will learn. Additionally, our philosophy maintains that children learn more through direct hands-on experience. Activity leads to learning. These learning activities will involve the child physically, emotionally, and educationally to promote personal growth and acquisition of skills.

Christian Environment

Fundamental to our program is the provision of the Christian environment and reference. This is part of the regular program and not separate from it. When the children raise questions of a religious nature, the teachers are free to answer in terms of their understanding of the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. This means that the teachers are practicing Christians who have thought out for themselves the relationship between Christianity and their daily lives. The teachers will take the initiative to teach the children to pray and understand the Bible.

Children have special needs. They need security and successes. They have a need to know, and they need to “belong.” Children have a lively curiosity about everything going on around them. Short attention spans and restless movements dictate a need for change. A balance of vigorous activities should be followed by quiet activities. Children delight in “making things,” in singing, clapping, listening to music, which underscores the need for aesthetic satisfaction. Relating activities to these various needs must be the key component in individualized learning.

Young children have a unique way of learning. The “real” rather than the abstract and the “now” rather than the future are what make sense to children. The “talking at” or lecture method, which requires children to be passive receivers, is little more than wasted time. Involving children as active participants in a meaningful process with “real” things is how significant learning takes place. Children must be allowed to see, to touch, to taste, to smell and to hear. By doing, a child is not only learning, but is also learning how to learn and is doing it in a manner which he or she finds fulfilling and exciting. Therefore, this is not a workbook program. All Saints Lutheran Church Preschool follows quality early childhood practices and has developed theme based interest areas for exploration and learning. This lays the foundation for strong academic achievement in later years.

The classroom environment is a final important key in individualized instruction. To accept a child the way he or she “is” and not what “we want” him or her to be is the underlying tenet of our curriculum. Emphasizing strengths rather than weaknesses produces positive feelings. Providing a comfortable climate in the classroom promotes a feeling of well being which nurtures emotional and intellectual growth. Fostering the child’s capacity to look at things in new and different ways provides the child with a life long approach to learning. This is accomplished through the self-selection process in a variety of learning centers. Through the structuring of real situations the teacher facilitates growth and development.