OUTREACH COMMITTEE MISSION: To identify the needs of the people in the local and global community and match the talents and resources of All Saints congregation to these needs.

In this video, see Judy Messal explain what Social Justice at All Saints means, including both direct assistance and advocacy.

MEETING TIME: The first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the small conference room at church.  We welcome anyone to participate as a regular committee member or to volunteer with specific periodic projects.

ONGOING PROGRAMS:   The following are continuing, ongoing projects which, when required, committee members will deliver or coordinate collection and delivery of items.

Collections: Boxes in Narthex Coat Closet:

1) Inkjet cartridges which go to Staples for credit to ASLC business account;

2) Eyeglasses taken to Nicaragua;

3) Cell phones donated to Cell Phones for Soldiers; 

4) Aluminum cans sold for cash for Family Promise; (collection box in kitchen under counter)

5) Used Postage Stamps with proceeds to Community Outreach projects;   

6) Aluminum can tabs to Ronald McDonald House.

7) Box tops to Jenilee Charley, Teacher for Visually Impaired Education in the Gallup Public Schools

Collections for Storehouse West: Green beans, nonperishable food, children’s clothing.

Collections for Storehouse:  Clothing and household items (Box outside preschool, picked up by Storehouse).