All Saints Lutheran Church Albuquerque

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All Saints Lutheran Church exists to worship our Lord, Jesus Christ, to spread the Gospel and to minister to those in need. We are called to seek excellence in worship, music, education, and ministry.

We seek God’s help to be a welcoming place to grow in Christ’s Grace as we remember our baptism and as we gather around Word and Sacrament. The unconditional Love of God moves us to share our faith with all people.

We value the ministry of teaching and seek to provide a safe place to live out our baptismal calling to personal pilgrimage and lifelong learning. As loved and created by God, people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, ethnicities and abilities are welcomed within our membership.

We offer weekly communion with God and our fellow worshippers. Our activities reflect Christian beliefs and Lutheran tradition. Our work in this community and around the world is ongoing.

God is not finished with us yet!

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As Lutherans, we are inspired by Martin Luther’s teachings, including the following beliefs:

  • The human condition is never truly free of sin
  • God’s Grace – Faith that Christ is our Saviour and died so that we may be free from the penalty of our sins
  • Free gift of grace by faith – we are justified by faith alone, and faith itself is a gift
  • You cannot earn salvation through good works, but good works are a response to God’s gracious gift of Jesus
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A more comprehensive collection of Lutheran beliefs is in the Large Catechism, and the Small Catechism. Both were built on five points:

  • The 10 commandments as a mirror of sin
  • The Apostles’ Creed as a proclamation of forgiveness
  • The Lord’s Prayer as an acceptance of mercy
  • The sacrament of baptism as a channel of grace
  • The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper as a channel of grace